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LIRSOT Ltd is one of the top scientific and industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation in the field of development and creation of synthetic fibrous materials with special characteristics. The Company was founded in 1992. It is accredited by the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies of the Russian Federation and by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science. LIRSOT Ltd has the license issued by the Federal Space Agency.

The R&D activities of the Company are supervised by 5 doctors and 23 masters of sciences. LIRSOT Ltd owns a research-and-production complex making it possible to conduct a large-scale scientific research and develop desired products.

The polymers, fibers and products manufactured on their basis by the Company are covered by 32 national and foreign patents.

LIRSOT Ltd enjoys exclusive rights to 21 trade marks and 8 technologies in the field of development and manufacturing of special-purpose polymer fibrous materials and articles particularly threads, fibers, fabrics, cords, bands, sewing threads, thermo- and fire-protective cloth, composites, cable and electric wire protective sheathing, heat-protective and sound-absorbing materials, chemisorptions materials, respirators, and ultrafiltration devices.

The Company facilities allow production of 5 to 25 tons of each type of the fibers and up to 10000 ultrafiltration devices a year.

Tamara K. MUSINA

Director General
PhD, AP, Member of the IARE Academy

Ruslan R. MUSIN



Навигация сайта ООО Лирсот


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