1931 The first scientific research institute of man-made fibers (NIIV) was founded in the Town of Mytishchi (Moscow Region) on the base of both the laboratory of the Karpov Physico-Chemical Institute and the Viscosa factory then the only man-made fibers producing enterprise built by the Anglo-Belgian Joint Stock Company;

1936 The Institute of Man-made Fibers Development (GIPROIV) moved to Mytischi;

1948 NIIV was reorganized into the All-Union Institute of Man-made Fibers (VNIIV) and a branch of VNIIV with experimental plant was opened in Leningrad;

1959 A branch of VNIIV was opened in Kiev;

1976 The following institutions were founded:

  • The All-Union Man-made Fibers Scientific Research and Projections Institute (VNIIVProekt) the leading enterprise with pilot plant;
  • The Leningrad Branch of VNIIVProekt with experimental plant;
  • The Kiev Branch of VNIIVProekt;
  • The Kiev Experimental Workshop (KEM) as a part of the Khimvolokno All-Union Science and Research Association (NPO Khimvolokno) created on the base of the former;

1990 NPO Khimvolokno was discontinued and as a consequence VNIIVProekt with pilot plant was reorganized into the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Polymeric Fibers (VNIIPV) with pilot plant;

1991 A state-run enterprise titled GP VNIIPV was established;

2003 LIRSOT Ltd Research-and-Production Complex (OOO LIRSOT Company Ltd.) came into being.

Presently LIRSOT Ltd occupies the area of 10.3 hectares and comprises the following facilities: a scientific complex (research center) with laboratories and testing benches; a pilot plant (experimental and production base), including pilot and semiproduction installations for manufacture of special fibers from 5 to 25 tons per year supplied contractually, as well as a workshop and auxiliary facilities.


LIRSOT Company Ltd.

Kolontsov Str., Mytischi Town, Russia, 141009

Phone/Fax: (495) 583-8354; 510-5629
E-mail: lirsot@mail.ru