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Chemisorptive fibers and non-woven materials VION

New Ion Exchange Fibers VION

LTD Lirsot offers VION fibers and textile materials based on these fibers which are successfully used for the purification of air and gas fluids from a number of toxic and aggressive gases (SO3, SO2, HF, HCl, Cl2, H2S, NH3), and aerosols (acid mists, salt aerosols). VION fibers are also used for cleaning aqueous media.

Filtering systems using VION fibers ensure high stability of purification, rational equipment for sorption processes, reduction of equipment size and material lowering of energy consumption. The use of VION fibers is especially advantageous in processes where concentration of sorbed substances is low, for the recovery of especially valuable or very toxic substances.


In comparison with granular ionites, VION fibers

    feature a high sorption rate, especially at the initial stages of the process thus ensuring sorption without additional energy consumption. 50 % saturation of the fibers is achieved in 5-10 min, whereas it takes at least one hour with granular ionitesChemisorptive fibers and non-woven materials VION

    feature a very large surface which ensures:

-   lowering of resistance of the filtering layer;

-   enhancement of stability of purification;

-   simpler design of filters;

-   lower energy and water consumption

     feature a three-dimensional chemical structure; high hydrolytic stability so that their reuse for sorption processes is possible

The fibers retain their static capacity and mechanical properties after 100 sorption/ regeneration cycles.


Are used to purify the gas-air and liquid environments from:  SO2, HF, HCI, H2S

Functional groups: - COONa (Na - form), - NH -NH2

Statistic exchange capacity accr. to the basic groups (SEC), mg-eq/g

1,8 - 2,5

Statistic exchange capacity accr. to the acid groups (SEC), mg-eq/g

0,5 - 1,0

Linear thickness, tex

0,4 - 1,0

Breaking weight, cH/tex

5,0 - 10

Breaking strain, %

40 - 45

Linen width, cm

156 - 164

Surface thickness, g/m2

250, 800


are used to purify the gas-air environment from the toxic and aggressive gases: SO2, SO3, NH3;
and to remove ions of metals from the liquid environment: Cu2+, Ni2+, Co2+, Pb2+, Zn2+, Cd2+, Mn2+, Fe2+

Subacid functional groups: COONa (Na - form) яннм (м - form)

Static exchange capacity (SEC), mg-eq/g

3,5 - 5,0

Linear thickness, tex

0,6 - 0,8

Breaking weight, cH/tex

3,5 - 10,0

Breaking strain, %

25 - 40

Linen width, cm

156 - 164

Surface thickness, g/m2

250, 800

Chemisorptive fibers and non-woven materials VIONApplication

   trap toxic or valuable gaseous substances and liquid aerosols

   purify and after purify waste liquors with a concentration of noxious or valuable substances below 40 mg/l. The use of other trapping methods with such concentration is not economically effective

   purify air in ventilation systems with a throughput capacity of up to 50,000 m3/h

   used for the manufacture of protective garment to protect against splashes and drops of aggressive liquids. The garment is air- and moisture-proof and is impermeable for noxious substances

   used in respirators for personal protection of respiratory organs. Resistance to respiration is 4-5 times as low and the mass of the filtering material is 5-10 times as low

   used for the analysis of gaseous mixtures. Accuracy of the analysis is enhanced and time is cut down. Efficiency of determination of ammonia in gases at high moisture content is rather high. VION KN-1 fiber can sorb not only gaseous ammonia, but also its mist, whereas liquid absorbents such as sulfuric acid solution can only sorb gaseous ammonia.

The list of the above fields does not exhaust all applications VION fibers.

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